Kelly Bishop - Owner

For nearly 20 years, Kelly Bishop has traveled many avenues of the beauty industry. She is capable of giving and helping anyone achieve traditional or current trends. Kelly prides herself in educating her clients and staff to help everyone achieve the best end results.

Lindsey McMahon - Stylist

With over 10 years of experience, Lindsey has become successful in many different aspects of the beauty industry. She has a passion for manicures and pedicures, but can also make anyone feel comfortable in the hair chair. She makes everyone feel like they have known her for years.

Phil Richards - Stylist

For over 25 years, Phil has been part of the hair industry. He is highly trained in traditional and natural looks. His calming demeanor makes every person in his chair feel at ease.

Darron Pettis - Stylist

With 18 years of experience, Darron is a great “go-to guy”. He can make any man feel masculine and any woman feel beautiful.